Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Salad Bowl

I've accompanied this posting with my own sketch above of soft pastel on an A4 size dark creative paper.

Hot Capsicum

Glistening with pride
Fondness for chili peppers
A green capsicum

Gives a kick at lunch
Amidst bunched with other greens
hot and spicy stance

Hotplate with servings
Gnashed, gnawed spicing up the chow
fitting for a King

A haiku for One Stop Wednesday Week #24


  1. I really like your sketch. Your poem is great. Here where I live, in Southern New Mexico capsicum is a staple. Red and green chili peppers are a must at almost every meal.

  2. Amazing how you come up with an entertaining haiku on hot capsicum! :-)

    And that's a really, really beautiful sketch too.

    Great job!

  3. very nice - it's called paprika over here and it speaks summer to me...
    also like your sketch

  4. nice...your sketch is great...and i love peppers...had my own pepper garden when we lived in FL....

  5. Myrna, I can understand that. We take the smaller chillies which are hotter.

    Azalia, thanks

    Claudia, Yes paprika and thanks

    Brian, thanks, gardening can be fascinating too!

    welcome, thanks

  6. I like your sketch--and I like peppers in all their forms except for the ones that burn your lips off. You cooked them up well in the poem.

  7. thanks for a very wonderful message. Keep up the good work...this picture are nice

  8. Great sketch... love the combination of these pieces. burning piece.

  9. hedgewith,haisley,Petrina and Kraxpelax,

    Appreciate your stopping over. Have returned the fsvour to all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!