Sunday, October 6, 2019

in October we trust

                                                                                    Attribution: Lee J Andrews
Image: Golden brown leaves on the ground (here)

comes the time of the year
in October we trust
to discard the summer heat

crisp golden leaves crackling
when stepped upon
brings back the nostalgic feeling
of childhood's barefoot walking

not knowing of the wine and song
of adults' indulgence in Octoberfest
gurgling beer like a water fountain
to down the sausages aplenty

pumpkin sculpture to the fore
artistically extending a hand
go for Premier league soccer
whose games are in full swing

or a safe option is to seek out
the lull before the cold months
the pre-Chrismas bargains
to usher in the New Year

Magaly's in PU's October
of poetry and prose


  1. Thanks for this taste of an autumnal October I don't experience here.

  2. The lull is so much better than the crummy cold months.

  3. I could almost hear those crisp leaves crunching under your feet, Hank. You're right too, October is much like the lull before the full force of cold, winter weather sets in.
    Gayle ~

  4. How I love the colors and sounds October makes, the way it cools summer and reminds us that winter is coming... And, yes, I love the indulgence too. October is a delight!

  5. I do enjoy autumn.......the leaf colour, the cooling temperatures, more indoor weather, the slower pace..........

  6. I love the time for beer... :-)

  7. I love Autumn! It's getting chilly here :D

  8. I am going to an October-fest this weekend, heading up to the mountains.

  9. Gurgling beer like a fountain! I can see, hear and taste that one!

  10. I like the idea of seeking out the lull. Good one, Hank!

  11. Hi Hank,

    Is everything okay, I see some of your posts have disappeared. I miss seeing you around.