Sunday, October 13, 2019

expectation at what is coming her way

                                                                                       Attribution: Rebeca Cygnus 
Image: Have a desire to fulfill (here)

the given words:
Leather/Fur, WoolCottonPolyesterNylon

she has designs to seek for an answer
an expectation at what is coming her way
not readily garbed conventionally though
not in leather jackets or fancy fur coats

only a determination and bare means
four bedposts and a magic wand
wool and cotton that can fly
solace in the heart of a long-gone beau
to look for the one who has to leave

birds up the clouds living it up
expanse of wheatfields accord salvation
prairie of goodies in the sky
drawing her to search for satisfaction

braving the odds in just polyester and nylon
needling a conscience of the innocence
of one with a mistaken belief
that love is blind but still to be pursued

Carrie's the Sunday Muse #77
MLMM's Sunday Writing 5x5
Marian's at Real Toad's Prairie in the sky


  1. It is amazing where you and your bed can go when dreaming, isn't it?

  2. Riding the four bedposts, up to the sky. Things we see relate to other qualities, I like that. We saw a piano on a mountain side in Norway but missed its concert.

  3. Birds in the clouds, wheatfields salvation, prairie in the sky, this is all gorgeous dreaming!

  4. That last stanza packs a punch! Wonderful writing Hank! Always glad to see you over at the Muse!

  5. Interesting that I considered her looking to travel ahead, and you considered what was coming her way. Freud could probably psychoanalyze us!

  6. I especially love the prairie goodies in the sky. The prairies are known for Big Sky.

  7. Dreams are wonderful ... they can take you anywhere.

  8. Hi Hank! love where this bed took you .....

  9. Of course this would be my favorite part, as she travels the four winds.

    four bedposts and a magic indeed is blind (sigh)

  10. ...with a mistaken belief

    garbed.... in determination. NIce

  11. Wonderful to read, wonderful to imagine. Well done Hank.


  12. Traveling and trying to go for a dream in a bed, can get one in trouble lol

  13. Hi Hank, Where have you been? I hope all is well.