Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ever Been Close to a Japanese Chef's Acrobatics?

                                                                                                       Author Kent Wang
Image: Sushi Chef (here)

shoes left outside proceeded
to take a seat with feet dangling
in a dug-out of sorts sitting
Japanese style

one nifty enough to be comfortable
in that position and ready enough
with the white napkin laid across

the chef popped a cherry into his
mouth and munching commenced
right away in front of the diners

Tempura and trappings of sushi
the 'knife acrobatics' and juggling
to spice up the cooking movements
All done not behind at the galley but
right in front of their very eyes

The chef very deftly and delicately
threw up the knife every now and then
like a juggler or twirled it around in his
hands like a gun-fighter all the while cooking
and smiling.

Those right behind the counter
in front and not in the dug-out would get
a grand-stand view enjoying it all

What a meal!

Lillian at d'Verse OLN - ever been close to a ....


  1. Wonderful and interesting to read Hank. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Sure a view that works up an appetite, or at least makes one appreciate the cooking.

  3. Oh my yes! We experienced exactly this on our recent Asian tour that had many stops in Japan. And that "dugout" is quite the thing to get into for legs and bodies that are in their seventh decade! "Dugout" is such a great word for it!

  4. I've never seen that in person but it looks like great entertainment while watching your food being prepared. This was great, Hank!

  5. Hi Hank

    I have been a witness to some Japanese hibachi cooking. It’s amazing how quickly they can prepare a meal as they toss those knives around. I believe I had shrimp and vegetables. I am not a big fan of sushi.

  6. You captured it well! Love the Japanese steak houses that prepare the food in front of you.

  7. This is quite a mouth watering experience as you build up some very precise images.

  8. Sounds like a sensory extravaganza!

  9. Hey Hank — Hi poet!. Wanted to let you know I am “temporarily” sightless in my right eye from a retinal disease. It is a struggle fir me to write, but I will still wrote my pieces, going very slowly. Reading at any length is extremely difficult, and causes painful headache — so wanted to say thanks for contributing to OLN. But I won’t be able to read what you wrote, yet I wanted to visit. I spent a little time writing this best I could with one eye, i copied it, and I am pasting it in here to say hi. Got an operation coming up in about a week when the infection is down. Hopefully things will get back to normal.thanks, Rob

  10. Like the comparison to a gun-fighter!