Monday, September 16, 2019

certainly not for those who slubber

                                                                                      Author: ralph repo
Image: The Burden of Human Portage (here)
(1908 - men laden with tea averaging 300 lbs
from Sichuan China covering about 6 miles per
day over mountain roads at 5000ft high)

the 11 of 12 given words:  
North rarefied slip brag buy shoes 
slubber (to perform hastily or carelessly)
Saturday 100 yards rule kill

just amazing how movements of produce
were accomplished up North within the
mountainous regions if not for the rarefied
air and cold temperatures and having to walk
along narrow trails where mules and caravans
had limited access in areas of high altitudes

certainly not for those who slubber where
a slip would mean hurtling down a ravine
hoping vigilance be commandeered to reflect
their importance to the cause of living

they had done well in modern times though
living porters who were employed in the
recently completed highway constructions
did brag of being able to buy shoes instead
of wrap-around fabrics as in the olden days

may not be as good as for a Saturday night
outing but it saved them from having to stop
and adjust every 100 yards or so.

as a rule a good pair of shoes could determine
if they could walk comfortably around and not
get killed in accidents waiting to happen

MLMM's Wordle #150
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  - vigilance 


  1. That is quite the load! I'm sure those shoes were appreciated.

  2. It is unimaginable, the difficult lives some people have and how stoically they carry on. I like how this poem addresses their plight and am glad if there is some improvement.

  3. And the shoes might make it easier to carry the load--if the road doesn't make the job unnecessary. An amazing weight, and a very weighty poem. Thanks for defining "slubber."

  4. I can only imagine this treacherous walk! I’ll be hugging my shoes and apologising for taking them for granted!

  5. It's incredible the journeying that some humans have had to undertake, to provide for others.
    Vigilance was fully required, considering the dangerous terrains they covered...their risks were thankless...

  6. Some days the journey is about the shoes.

  7. I wonder whether we would better people to have lived half our lives struggling to survive and the other half being well off and comfortable. I think we would would appreciate things more and not complain about trivialities. Sadly when affluence is your from the start you appreciate nothing and look down on others who have nothing.

  8. You’ve evoked such peril in this poem, Hank, especially in the lines:
    ‘certainly not for those who slubber where
    a slip would mean hurtling down a ravine’.
    How terrible that it would take something so simple as a good pair of shoes to ‘determine if they could walk comfortably around and not get killed in accidents waiting to happen’.

  9. It's amazing the struggles and suffering some people must endure. Glad a simple pair of shoes made these folks' lives more bearable.

  10. It is unimaginable what human beings are capable of just to go on living. Sigh. Well portrayed.