Saturday, May 12, 2018

Utterly wrong to pin down the blameless

                                                                                       Author: Failx
Image: This is wrong* (here)

the 2 given sets of homophones:
cedar (an evergreen tree)
seeder (person connected to a peer-to-peer network
who has a given file and makes it available for downloading)

days (more than one day)
daze (to bewilder)

Dare to be different
Where is the allotment of shame?
Sifting through the claimants
Contending to shift blame

On days of unsolicited meanness
Leaving one dazed with a given choice
Like a cedar pleasing with its greeness
Be a seeder extending a fair voice

Faces may be nameless
Fairness is still to be maintained
Utterly wrong to pin down the blameless
For which one is expected to explain

Sincerity is not just a virtue
When righting wrongs with reasons
Bless be the soul to seriously view
Divine rights of innocents

* dividing 19 into 4

MLMM's Saturday Mex Double Take  - homophones
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #403


  1. Such wise words Hank wonderfully put in poetry form.


  2. "Sincerity is not just a virtue"

    Luv the opener of the final verse.
    Happy Sunday Hank, thanks for dropping by my blog today


  3. I never thought of writing a poem devoted to homophones. Now that I've read yours, I just might try it. What fun!

  4. A different view can sure lead to a new way, sometimes wrongs have to be righted along the way.

  5. While I applaud your effort Hank I must confess I am not always an eager participant in games like this. Perhaps it is my old brain struggling with normal and screaming at abnormal!

  6. "Sincerity is not just a virtue"... this is so potent!

  7. You have made me think, Hank!

  8. Beautiful and wise !
    Especially loved your closing lines :
    "Bless be the soul to seriously view
    Divine rights of innocents"

  9. Dare to be different is the way to be!

  10. Be sincere to yourself, is always a virtue...
    to others it requires tact.

  11. Yes, blessed be those who defend the rights of the innocent.

  12. Fairness....all the way, a good write and clever use of homophones :)

  13. As always, a gem of thoughtful - and thought provoking - wisdom.

  14. We each are different, it is only through pretense that we appear the same....

  15. Well said. I like the line about being a seeder.

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