Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Knock it in though careful not to be rash

                                                                                                  Author Jamen Percy
Image: The Wild One in Peaceful
Contemplation (here)

Wild elements co-existing in the being
Throw it to the winds to designate a potential
Kick the dust and see what blows the stings
Explosions hard to explain harder still as a ritual

Knock it in though careful not to be rash
To preserve the status quo is even better
Monitor the progress and bid for a dash
If it should suddenly erupt to end in tatters

Not to suggest to abandon amid cowardice
But to preserve the strength intact in one piece
Being wild but being smart is then no dice
To fight another day triumphant as one had wished

Jilly's at d'Verse's  - let's get wild


  1. The Wild within, in many forms. Terrific!

  2. Have to use judgement and survive that next day

  3. If one is going to be wild one has to also be smart.

  4. We should be careful with wild things to choose.

  5. The fine line of choices...this poem gave me a moment to pause and reflect. Thank you.



  6. Blending the wild with the cautious seems like a good plan. Great writing!