Saturday, April 14, 2018

lithe and lissome - L

Image: Beautiful Blonde Horse Stud (here)

the 12 of 13 given words:
flesh bones flies alter breath memory frozen  
amber (A gorgeous young female)
perplex (to cause to be puzzled or bewildered)
voice comfort rediscover

lithe and lissome and stunningly attractive
no flesh and bones but a picture of poetry
she flies in with the cool breeze
that can alter the breath of memory

the memory frozen in a man's ego
to amber along perplexing to some
with voices of comfort that glow
for some known hunks

hunks in their own ways to rediscover
what they have been missing
blessed blondes with the right maneuvers
to dispel the 'dumb tag' unfairly linked

Magaly's at Real Toad's  - 13 is poetry
Jr Vincente's A to Z Challenge  - L


  1. A wonderful poem with such beautiful wording.
    Lovely to read .


  2. Not all blondes are dumb that's for sure.

  3. Many sure have brains indeed, the few ruin it for the rest haha

  4. Nice 'l' words.
    True that there are 'beauties with brains'. They need to earn their respect!

  5. That photo of the horse is stunning Hank, your words a reminder that we should not judge.