Friday, April 6, 2018

life can be most unpredictable!

                                                                                                       Author: Rio Cicica
Image: Four Giant otters Out
to make a Difference (here)

the 12 given words:
lake otter portal doubt shiver den 
fir wish carry pulse woodstove fades

jump in the lake
tell that to an otter
no doubt it will not create any shivers for the creature
for it may well end up at its den
under the old fir bough
rotting in the water

but utter that in anger
to an irritant who is a bother

a wish to be left alone
one may carry it too far though
for it may well strike a raw nerve

pulse racing
a woodstove heated up
a portal out of control
patience fades in the fog
among friends it can end up in laughter

but it may well end up in blows
to settle scores
when tempers glow

life can be most unpredictable!

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  1. Vert unpredictable I say Hank. Excellent verse and given words.


  2. True. Agree with you.
    We know not what & to predict, we have no clue!

  3. Sure can go many a way, especially if you push it.

  4. Yes it can be ~ Best not to get into blows ~

  5. Smiling I am....the different takes on "go jump in a lake" or "go take a flying leap".....yep. I enjoyed this one! :)

  6. Don’t know how you manage all the words. Congrats!