Monday, February 27, 2017

A blot on good governance a clot in the system

                                        Authors: National Committee of the Audubon Societies of America
Image: On Friendly Terms (here)

the 24 given words:
laugh cat choose friends feathered jinx cult leads 
planet fiction deep follow shallow spin bleed earth 
decide sigh sit news them us clot Yakult 

What a laugh a cat chooses to be friends
With a feathered jinx cult member who
leads with a choice strange on this planet
It is more of fiction than fact

How do you explain a deep seated desire
To follow a shallow spin to bleed the earth
To decide a turbaned soul is up to no good

- sigh - sit tight for he exhausts himself
Shooting at shadows taking pot-shots
Creating unsavory news on relatively petty
items with tweets after tweets of them against us

A blot on good governance a clot in the system
Reminiscent of a call to avoid the Yakult drink
Though feeding your gut with good bacteria
in the form of probiotics makes perfect sense

While petty issues and personal rebuttals take center
stage Matters of Foreign Affairs, Economic Well-being,
Welfare for all citizens and other reins of government
seems to be put to the back burner such that the
'big picture' is very much left by the wayside

Luxury of time will certainly provide a remedy
Though hopefully inexperience may not have
exacted its toll in the interim.

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #288
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #342


  1. Loved the post and the photo. Good start to the week Hank.


  2. Big picture is always left out of sight, pathetic really, as all they care about is appeasing or themselves

  3. Unsavory news on petty issues - so true!

  4. Spot on. I hope he isnt allowed to carry on much longer, it is such a huge mistake.

  5. Wise words. Painful and embarrassing to be a US citizen in the present political climate. No Hail to the Chief from me!

  6. Luv the resolve of your end verse Hank

    much love...

  7. Once again, great use of the words. Like the times, I think, you touched on both sides.

  8. A very timely post - and, indeed, I believe (as you alluded) time is very much at the forefront in terms of a resolution ... a game of time - where the stakes are sky high.

  9. I think too many are waiting for the big picture to show itself to all, or for the horror at the center to tire itself and move on... It's scary and frustrating. Like Wendy suggests, there is so much to lose.

  10. The unsavory news on petty items and ridiculous tweets sound all too familiar, unfortunately!