Sunday, December 13, 2015

much to do with things left unsaid

                                                                                        Attribution:  Ralf Roletschek
Image: Hardware Gone to Waste (here)

Very much to do with things left unsaid
More questions glaring than answers blaring
Grain of sand comprising minute accolades
Sentiments aggressive unashamedly daring

Finger pointing not so much to assign blame
But more of a defense lest one is implicated
Hand withdrawn to hide guilt to appear a saint
From the sidelines watch others get aggravated

Peace is elusive and never stands a chance
Strength of political will, lacking of a want

Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's In a Grain of Sand
 - micro poetry of whatever form not exceeding 10 lines


  1. Your commentary is so on point, Hank! I wish the world was moving towards reconciliation rather than war.

  2. Peace is as elusive as can be, as anger always takes hold it seems.

  3. You hit the nail in the head and sent it right through the wood, Hank. The second stanza, in particular, reads like the thing social justice essays should be made of--so many, out there, are so worried about what things might look like that they do nothing of worth towards making things better.

  4. So much wasted, including time. And in this season of peace, it seems to hardly stand a chance.

    Good image to go along.

  5. That want lacking is the fundamental reason... alas... want only comes with bodycount..

  6. Sigh. Spot on, Hank! Peace as elusive as ever.

  7. I'm with Kerry...wishing for peace over war.

  8. Politics gets in the way of progress. Many times it is to make one look good, lacking of a want. Ours in the U.S. is pride and greed, we have plenty of wants and needs.

  9. You've nailed it, unfortunately. Well done.

  10. ...lacking of a want. Chilling.

  11. There is plenty of want but not among those who have the political wherewithal! And not a political will to do something about it all --something sensible! Plenty of will for craziness! Thanks. k.

  12. A very timely write Hank. ~big sigh~ Well done!

  13. Wonderful poem Hank, All to often words and deeds go unsaid bringing sadness and despair into lives.