Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lines crease his forehead

                                                                                               Attribution: Rjcastillo
Image Great old Santa (here)

Sunday Whirl's 12 given words:
lines crease fear flood scheme extreme
vicious stream sweet lure fact  spread

Lines crease his forehead
Bringing the shadows darker
Just as rays of the sunset slowly dims
Fear grips and worries flood his head
He cannot fathom the scheme of things
as darkness progresses with darkening light
Extreme provocation becomes vicious
As in a nocturnal environment
As tears stream down his face sweet memories
of yesteryears, the lure of the old
neighborhood tugs at his conscience
It is a fact his mind is in disarray

He has not been home for some decades
But being Santa fills the void.
He is grateful divine hand chose him
to spread the light

(99 words)

For  Charli Mills's Carrot Ranch's Flash Fiction Challenge:
In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about “spreading the light"
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #283
Brenda's Sunday Whirl #230


  1. A very interesting twist...nicely done.

  2. well not that's thought provoking!

    ((Sunday Smiles)) to you Hank

    much love...

  3. I think there is great depth here Hank - we can put on an act...present a fcae..but it often doesn't reflect what is happening inside..

  4. And hopefully his role is enough to fill that void.

  5. This is so moving! Excellent write :)

  6. chosen ones have to tread uneven paths...sigh...

  7. Sometimes being chosen can sure make life difficult

  8. It sounds like Santa travels a difficult least he is able to spread light...

  9. Interesting idea here - really liked the closing idea of not having been home for decades... That was touching and in a seasonal way too... Thank you... with Best Wishes Scott

  10. Oh I envision Santa gets a bit lonely but oh the rewards of spreading that light!

  11. I hope that poor Santa could get a little bit of rest... maybe spreading the light would be easier with some modern technology...

  12. I love it when an object is reexamined in a brand new light. It's refreshing. I don't think I'll look at Santa quite the same!

  13. Pretty darn clever piece here, Hank... :-)
    Enjoy the Season with your well earned respect.

  14. Ah, spreading the light is what it is all about at this time of year!
    Peace to you, Hank, at this season of the year.

  15. This is an intriguing perspective, that Santa is nostalgic behind his Christmas cheer - but gives cheer to others anyway, which likely brings him some comfort and happiness. Very cool.

  16. Who knows what drives us on? Any job is good so let's hope it will tide him over until next year.

  17. So happy to see you at the Ranch Hank!
    I really enjoyed this tale. So many who are lonely can volunteer and often find respite in the delight of giving of themselves to get healed. And one can also volunteer when they have much joy to share or knowledge or services. Our family has served our community for years as volunteer firefighters. In the US 70 to 80% of all firefighters are volunteers. It is only in the big cities where firefighters draw a pay check.

    I wrote for this prompt here:

  18. Merry Christmas sir. Santa has quite the gig eh?

  19. Wonderful ending to a great poem.

  20. I love Santa Claus. Nice work on this piece, Hank. Bravo!

  21. Beautiful closing lines and very well-written!


  22. interesting...I get the feeling the subject is using his 'being Santa' as a disguise, in some sense - a way to return to a place of longing, yet not be recognized as his true self?

  23. Being Santa fills the void... Great line, Hank.

  24. You remind me of Rilke saying to the young poet "Do not think that he who comforts you has lived without pain"--or words to that effect.

  25. "Being Santa fills the void..." that's such a beautiful expression of spreading the light even when we feel the need for it ourselves. Thank you for joining the Carrot Ranch challenge! May I post your story on the Carrot Ranch Facebook page and in the compilation for the prompt?

    1. Please do Ma'am! Hank's so privileged!