Sunday, March 23, 2014

Way of the Underworld

                                                                Attribution: Ta2man Kieth Killingsworth
Image:Gangster Tattoo

The words are:
addition blunt broken course grind job natural
plenty quartet response rival sting warning

Some new measures were introduced
Blunt addition to the usual activities
Broken only by some dissenting voices
But bulldozed through amid hostilities

Brought the usual jobs to grind to a halt
The course of action was a natural tendency
Plenty of response from rival hoodlums the result
A sting was planned to stamp authority

But a quartet of trouble-makers still persist
Should heed the warning of such occurrence
Being lesser beings in the hierarchy was a risk
Way of the underworld was an abhorrence

Choice of getting bumped off if they insist
Their ‘absence’ would hardly be noticed

For Brenda’s Sunday Whirl Wordle #153 shared with
Mary's hosting at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #194


  1. Yeah the low ones on the totem pole are always the first to go, expendable is what they are made to be.

    Oh and fyi if you remember what happened last year on the 24th, it starts again tomorrow, just so you know as many a #1 may need to show.

    1. Thanks Pat. Very timely. Caught me by surprise even this year, March 9th to be specific!


  2. My mind's eye captured such much going on between your lines as well, and by linking these words you aced this collection and created a dazzling, ink printt!

  3. yikes....def made me think of gang activity which we are seeing more and more of...the lower guards come and go., the survivors moving up the ranks...its a scary way to find belonging...

  4. I believe I have met your quartet of troublemakers several times during my life (although I wish I hadn't).

    Raven Quartet

  5. interesting.. the ending part was a surprise.

  6. A glimpse into the underworld. A precarious existence, theirs. Good one, Hank!

  7. I can't understand the ways of the underworld but they do exist in abhorrence ~

    Happy Sunday Hank ~

  8. Scary stuff for a rural hick like me! Nicely done, Hank!

  9. Clearly once you're in, you are there for the rest of you life...which may be quite short.

  10. The underworld scares me, Hank. Your poem lets me know just why. Any wise person should steer clear.

  11. People fall for the allure only to end up hurt or worse

  12. they def. have their own rules... and it's frightening..

  13. That underworld is very easy to fall into..and as you infer..harder to get out of..nicely inked!

  14. I like the sonnet-like form of this poem, which points to a social ill prevalent in many societies.


  15. being the lesser being is always a risk....very well said Hank...

  16. The underworld scars me. Here, regularly, someone will get killed by some local mafia. Just scary. And they definitely have their own rules.

  17. Unfortunately, Hank, your words ring much too true here. Scary happenings like this all over the world. Good write.


  18. those last two lines are so hopeless and sad!

  19. Nice use of words, Hank! Sharp poem!

  20. Movin' on up, and movin' on out! Love this, Hank.