Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Coherent in speech
Could well get ideas across
Why they objected?

Good to let them be
Their thinking messed in turmoil
Slouching on their own

Then they took notice
They acted at their own peril
You stood tall triumphant

Haiku Heights Day12 #124 -  Coherent


  1. i liked it:) a snap-shot of a common scenario these the end, truth triumphs..

  2. I read it twice! Loved the idea...

  3. awesome take...great haiku... :)

  4. People will believe what they want to believe. Sometimes coherent argument just falls on deaf ears.

  5. I too read this poem several times because on the first read, it left me with more questions than it answered. I know you write for a reason, so I persevered.
    Like most good poets, you sometimes leave gaps for your reader to fill. Most readers seemed to be on the same track as I was but were less specific, so this time, I decided you were referring to current political debates where I fear coherency might not be enough to overcome the messy thinking and 'stand tall triumphant' in November.
    PS. See how much thinking you generate! :-)

  6. Stafford Sir,
    You're spot on! I was prompted by those with good intentions who present good ideas but scythed down. Those with their own agenda could be vicious but they 'slouched' enough not to be effective or hurting enough. Invariably good sense would have the upperhand. It is relevant in many scenarios, politics included. Thanks for dropping by. Been a long time since!


  7. I think coherent words get lost in the mountain of political and ego agenda ~

    Nice one Hank ~

  8. Yeah it doesn't matter sometimes how right you are
    Some peoples minds only will go so far

  9. Coherence is definitely an art.

  10. i like that you allow us to live between these lines as the situation is not uncommon but as well we strive so that others understand....

  11. LOVE your close...strong finish!

  12. the whole idea behind this was so deep.. it took me a while to understand it fully.. but when I did it was all clear..

    standing tall in odd situations makes u more stronger !!

  13. nice hank..this sounds just so familiar..

  14. A nice, but not easy to read, haiku. I had to read it several times to understand this one. You used the prompt in a wonderful way ... and after while it became coherent.

  15. Common sense always prevails, Hank. Nice.