Monday, May 30, 2011

Still Trying

My luck's waning

Hey, good-looking, what’s cooking?
I ain’t buying, it’s been hurting
Ok, here’s hoping we make amends
Fat chance you were just fooling
Not reassuring ?, ok what’s your bidding
I ain’t telling but your’re good at guessing
Had always been, ok, I’m not complaining
It’s your juice, I’m not listening
As I was saying ….
Take your

The phone went dead – silence!

Ain’t no use crying, it’s a human failing
Not worth demanding, refrain for the time being

It’s frustrating, yes, but quit fretting
Ain’t no use crying, you blew it again!]

Poets United Poetry Pantry # 51


  1. Misunderstandings, unfortunately, are often hard to work through.

  2. Great lyrical flow - nice one KD.

  3. Relationships are hard work, Hank. This does have a lyrical flow.


  4. well stated relationship issues.
    playful words.

  5. Dear All,
    The dilemma of the young lovers. Lover's quarrel and stuff. It's all the more exciting. It's also a learning process where later relationships benefited more on account of experience gained. We've been through it all, right?

  6. with a silver tongue like that i dont see why not...maybe it got lost in translation over the phone line...if at first you do not succeed...

  7. A very good advice. If we persist long enough... yes! There's light at the end of the tunnel.