Saturday, May 28, 2011

All is Not Lost

One Winged Wonder

Gazing forlornly across
Silently wingless, almost
What am I to make of this
Destined to be grounded
Unlike little Tinklebell
Soaring above
I’m lost…

No, not just yet
No, I’m in for bigger things
I’ll just have
To get the other half of my wings

The cello's bow can still do without
In fact it’ll not be in the way
Rendering music throughout
Making the most of what’s left of the day

The tide’s coming in
The sky’s blackening
I must do something….


  1. I decided to ignore the missing wings, but you have made full use of them. Well done, an inspired response.

  2. Nicely done, Hank. I thought this image was difficult to write to.


  3. Pam,
    I thought so too. In fact when I accessed it the first time,I left without comments. I came back a second time and managed only a very simple one.


  4. nice. in sharing with the cello the wing what is gained and what is lost...this is well penned...

  5. I like what you did with this difficult prompt. Your words sung to the hum of the cello. Ha, I thought it was a bass (called it that in my poem - sigh), not a cello. But I know you arer right!! Oh well.

  6. Bravo - You have gone deep into the image.

  7. Mary,
    The cello? I got the cue from the others. It could be a double-bass just as well. Everything's right in an abstract painting. Not to worry!

  8. lovely take.

    yeah, something must be done to make new beginning.

  9. profound.

    Welcome join poetry potluck week 37 today,

    Share your poetry, enjoy some encouragements..

    Bless your MondaY!

    As always, your poetry is sunshine to us!