Monday, December 24, 2018

not shaken by the enormity

                                                                                                         Attribution: Tota
Image:  Talents abound (here)

the 12 given words: 
morning shadow spent stop string treat 
brew shaken dogs view notes ship       

of an early morning ritual
never a shadow of a doubt 
of time well spent
not to stop the strains of sounds
of a string instrument for ages
that accompanied masters

what a treat!
at an early age providing a brew
of Beethoven's compositions 
not shaken by the enormity
that dogged many a young heart
to view it as just another recital

notes upon notes to digest
but a plaything of a child prodigy
who had shipped off all negative thoughts
but to provide an outlet for his talents
God-given of a chosen few 

Carrie's Sunday's Muse #35
Brenda's Sunday's Whirl Wordle #383
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  1. Working hard can sure be a lot of weight for a kid

  2. A talented youth will break through modern life's netting to become his generatiins's own Beethoven. Our granddaughter broke out Mrs. Jim's violin yesterday and played again, the first time in four years since she started college. And she played it well.

  3. for those to whom the music breathes, they find comfort in the reading of notes as they take flight and soar -
    of course, practice makes perfect and adds to it, but most prodigies are drawn to what is most natural as they must - often without second thought to the efforts and obstacles they will face -

    interesting interpretation of the image - I like the feeling in this piece - it seems subtle and quiet, yet filled with a lightness that is musical :)

    Happy holidays Hank

  4. A beautiful talent indeed. I love the title you chose for this Hank! Wonderful writing!!

  5. Beautiful poem, and perfect title, Hank!

  6. I greatly admire the buskers who strive so hard for our delight and a few coins.

  7. Your poem makes me think of each small soul, as it confronts life. It isn't always easy, especially when the focus is on the horizon, and lofty accomplishments.

  8. Playing music is certainly a wonderful way to escape from the daily grind.

  9. A wonderful weaving of the words, Hank.

  10. Most cleverly written Hank with the given words.
    It is good to have a talent as long as one don't ignore it.


  11. Some are born with a natural talent but, it takes practice to fine tune the art. I think some are born to sing and play to give their gift of music to the world. You don’t need to be famous you just need to love the music.

  12. You filled the scene with your own music!