Saturday, September 15, 2018

stated often enough they are truths to the ears

                                                                                                          Author: Dellex
Image: Using Their strong Tails
to the fullest (here)

the 'opposing forces' words are:
 – admit and deny
 – presence and absence

in an instance they reveal themselves
and they reckon they are overly smart
to admit is to knock off arguments of others
but to then deny is a measure of a dud

one cannot avoid but pay the price
those who hold sway to press the button
resorting to threats veiled or otherwise
used  to explain an unwanted presence

virtues of credibility have blatantly ignored
the absence of reasons has caused it to adhere
to surviving life's lies brilliantly employed
stated often enough they are truths to the ears

weejar's at MLMM's Saturday Mix - opposing-forces
Mary at PU's Poetry Pantry #420


  1. Have to remember the merry go round of lies and truth indeed

  2. Argue your point until you're blue in the face whether it's truth or not.

  3. True or not, there's never any escape for the liar or the fool - always a consequence, even if they imagine, at the time, they get away with it... Hey! Ho! Especially good time for the poet to provoke in this area methinks...

  4. Well said, if the rulers tell their people enough lies enough times they will start to believe and then I wonder what happens?

  5. There are always those who prefers to speak with violence rather than reason... a cave-man's logic

  6. Unfortunately there are those who are swept away by the repetitive lies, the smoke screens and threats. Repeated often enough they have a way of imprinting the brain of the weary.

  7. Deeply thought-provoking write, Hank!

  8. Fake truths, indeed, Hank.......or, to quote one of them, "truth is not truth". Not in their world, anyway.

  9. p.s. I'd rather the kangaroos run the country. LOL.

  10. So true - if you tell a lie often enough some people think it is truth!

  11. I was brought up to always be honest, to tell lies one has to have a good memory.


  12. Enjoyable and interesting poem.


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