Sunday, August 5, 2018

but it drooped aimlessly

                                                                  Artist: Adolph de Meyer (1908)
Image: Wilting - Life's Attrition Process (here)

what had got into it
the day seemed destined
to be a good day every bit
ordinarily outlined
but it drooped aimlessly
not wanting to be involved
unduly unaffected but selfishly
wanting to resolve
life's hopes and endeavors

from a subdued position
it set about to be devoured
when much concerned
with thoughts to avoid wasting
life's blessings accorded to a flower
subject to the weakness of wilting
a natural debilitating process sans water

but there is water
why? it is a wonder!

Kerry's at Real Toad's  - camera flash


  1. Yeah, sometime we too expect a good day, but then it turns out to be sour:(

  2. Even with what we need, the day can turn out to be a crappy one.

  3. What started out with so much hope...

  4. I like how you describe the flower's emotions and perspective in this one, Hank.

  5. I wonder too... the water where is that, all the flowers are drooping.

  6. a good day every bit
    ordinarily outlined
    but it drooped aimlessly..

    Great use of the visual metaphor, Hank.

  7. This a fun read, Hank. I like the way your writer "gives in" but "selfishly
    wanting to resolvelife's hopes and endeavors" remains.

  8. Hi Hank! you have given me pause for thought with this one. Happy Tuesday.

  9. You went my way this write, Hank. We both went a little deep. I enjoyed it.