Thursday, July 5, 2018

ownership not specified

                                                                                     Attribution: Luis García
Image: An 18th century Azimuthal compass (here)

nature's gift unrelenting ownership not specified
an open book of offering but many left dissatisfied

peace is every step the way but not able to clasp it tight
stake a claim not to get mad and not to deflect one's right

to unravel in the beginning stifled by many distractions
emotions impinge therein elusive in ways apparent

finding the path is
wrought with man-made illusions
but to venture on
the world watching and waiting
impatient for real action

Paul's at Real Toad's peace is every step
Chevrefeuille's Carpe Diem - finding the path


  1. Yes, hurry it up!! My NASA boss would tell our group in passing, "Write faster." We were writing the Mission Report for the day before. I took his words as meant tongue in cheek but others thought he was telling us that in his ignorance. At any rate, it was an uncharted path we were on, we were charting it as we wrote.

  2. 'finding the path is
    wrought with man-made illusions'
    Those of us with an inner compass will hopefully see beyond those man-made illusions, Hank. Nicely done.

  3. Hopefully beyond will come due, learning and seeing more on cue.

  4. There is a real path that so many miss because they are expecting instant gratification.

  5. Finding the path to peace.....there is one, but world leaders are definitely not on it.

  6. Emotions can get in the way of peace...interesting write, Hank.

  7. Very thought provoking write. Perhaps we can only hold the space for our own Peace in the end.

  8. Bam....there it is, the truth as I see it as well. This was very rhythmic, felt like a spoken word with the hard count on the end of every line. Always great to read you.

  9. Beautiful response on our image for today.

  10. Wrought with man-made illusions...isn't it just! Sigh..lovely write.

  11. I thought this most thought provoking Hank. Well done on a fine post.


  12. Peace is a path seems at first the most narrow path... but the highways ends with a drop from a cliff.

  13. I always enjoy your poetry, Hank.

  14. Line 2 of your tanka is a stunner

    much love...

  15. This is beautiful, Hank. It makes you think, and wonder if there really can be people in this world who do not want peace.