Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I am not strong but I survive

                                                                                                      Author Jacek Halicki
Image: More like a Second Wife (here)

I am not strong but I survive
I am not weak but I'm alive
I make friends
I don't offend
But life can at times take a dive

I take a walk to appreciate nature
I take light meals for a slim structure
I may gobble
More to enjoy
But not seen silly to maintain stature

I love my car and keeps it sparkling
I love to speed when out on a spin
No road bullies
Dare take liberties
Baseball bat at the ready if they are keen

Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif
- when I think about myself


  1. I gather there is a contrast between the mild mannered man of survival and nature and the demon behind the wheel! I enjoyed the poem.

  2. Love the progression in this Hank. Be safe out there when you go out for a spin. :-)

  3. I think you have a sense of adventure when you are in your car. The need for speed, but yet you are grounded on your walks the need to slow down..;)

  4. Ah a nice reflection of a stable man, with a love for speed

  5. I love your opening lines so much. Me, too. I admire your moderation at mealtime, wish I could do the same. Be careful out on the road, kiddo. It's crazy out there!

  6. Each of us have different pleasures bfor the main thing is to enjoy our lives while we can. Baseball bat noted and will keep clear.

  7. Hmmm...Cautious. But I like that spirit of adventure when you're behind the wheel :) Only be careful :)

  8. haha good to have a bat at the ready just in case

  9. Ah, that's a pretty neat self-portrait. An enjoyable read. :-)

  10. Wonderful inspiring words Hank made excellent reading.